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Progress sharing

Hello, I want to make a progress sharing somehow. Is there a public classroom or something? Duolingo also says that I have a "club" but nobody is doing anything there:( Can I join an active one? Thanks for answers!

September 28, 2018



Progress sharing / classrooms are part of "Duolingo for Schools" and meant to be used by real teachers and students. Being a part of a classroom divulges personal information and can restrict your course content and control of your account. So it's only safe in a real school classroom setting.

The Czech club I'm in is full (50 members) but only 12 of them are active. Even I'm not active right now, because I'm barely getting 10XP per day in French to keep my streak alive. Busy time of year for me.

Maybe start your own club, don't make it public, and selectively invite folks to join it?


Hm thanks for the answer. Actually I left the czech club and joined again. Now I am in a really active group now. So I could solve this problem:D Probably Duolingo will automatically will try to put into a group where are as active people as you are :)

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