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Chinese supplements

I've been studying chinese for almost forty days now, and I would just like to share some resources that have helped me in my language journey, that may be helpful to other people.

I've gone to my local library and found "chineasy". I found the basic one but found that it was so exceptionally helpful, i purchased the daily practice one off amazon, and I've found that briefing through these words has helped me tremendously.

Additionally, for help with broadening my vocabulary, I've been using an app called "drops". It gives you 5 minutes free every 10 hours, but since I've made language learning my full time hobby, i went ahead and purchased the premium version of this at $10/ a month. They help me practice writing the characters, and use pictures that resemble the characters, similar to how chineasy does, to help memorize the meaning.

For now, I'm going to continue using these two resources as my main supplements to duolingo. Granted, neither are particularly helpful with grammar, and I don't plan to really get into developing grammar until I can make out basic phrases and read basic sentences that I can encounter.

Please comment if you have experience using either of these supplements and if you have any suggestions that you would like to add, please leave a comment! :)

September 28, 2018

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Hey Cardneaux, I've never used those apps before but they sound like they are working well for you. I'd also throw Pleco in there as a really good dictionary app for Mandarin. It gives you the measure words for nouns, can show you the stroke order, traditional and simplified versions of the characters, and even has preformed sentences with the words being used. Reads it out to you too.

The other one I'd recommend you check out is Skritter. It has a price tag associated with it as well, but it's become a staple of my learning now for the last few years. It's great for learning a specific set of vocabulary (if you are revising for an HSK test, for example) as there are preformed lists of vocab you can download to learn or you can create your own vocabulary lists for learning specific words.

Another free resource I use a lot when I am having online conversations is just Google Translate. For Android phones at least, if you highlight a sentence you don't understand and "copy" it, Google Translate pops up automatically with the translation. I actually find it most useful for creating sentences as you can write something and then check it before you send it. Also very helpful for experimenting with grammar structures.

I'm sure there are other apps out there I haven't heard of so would be interested to hear from the community.

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