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Russian Spelling Rules - Ending Change

The above noun-endings change when attached to stem-words which end in certain letters - the Russian Spelling Rules.

The two charts below are the same rules presented in two different ways. I find the 2nd chart to be more useful, because it shows each stem ending just once, and then the changes that are required afterwards. The 1st chart is the standard presentation of the spelling rules, with a lot of repetitions I didn't like.

Endings of Stems
Г, К, Х ,Ш, Ж, Щ, Ч, Ц ю→у я→а
Г, К, Х ,Ш, Ж, Щ, Ч ы→и
Ш, Ж, Щ, Ч, Ц о*→е *unstressed

Russian Spelling Rules - Ending Change [reordered]

Endings of Stems
Ш, Ж, Щ, Ч ю→у я→а о*→е ы→и
Г, К, Х ю→у я→а --- ы→и
Ц ю→у я→а о*→е *unstressed
4 months ago


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