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  5. "He is a singer."

"He is a singer."

Translation:Il est chanteur.

April 1, 2013



In the hints they give examples "This is a dancer. C’est une danseuse. She’s a dancer. Elle est danseuse." If they are going to state this in the hints why then are the lessons disregarding the hint and saying "He is a singer" can be C'est un chanteur. Either the hint is wrong, or the it does not really matter and both are correct. I find this confusing and frustrating.


Instead of the hints, you should read the explanations and links given on the forums.

He is a singer = il est chanteur OR c'est un chanteur
She is a singer = elle est chanteuse OR c'est une chanteuse.


If the hints are wrong or of little value they should be deleted or changed to be correct. Perhaps the links you refer to or the information at those links should be in the hints.


Unfortunately, the tiny module where hints are added is not very sophisticated, so links cannot be added there.

When I hover on "he is a", I can read "c'est un", which is just what you need for a translation.

Then, if you don't understand why "he is a" can translate to "c'est un", the sentence discussion here gives you the information you need.


Could you please tell me how access the explanations and forums. I find more i can read and understand the easier it is to grasp what i am learning so I always read the tips and comments. I cant work out how to access relevant forums though..many thanks


havn't come across it this lesson but is a female singer 'chanteuse'?

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