"I have not been to that Chinese restaurant."


September 29, 2018

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Why doesn't '我没有去过那家中国饭馆。' work?


report it next time. Your version sounds more natural(native speaker here)


Does work now.


Why does this use 去 and not 来? Is it different for restaurants and shops?


Apparently it is because of the 那. Go to that restaurant, come to this shop.


Why do you have to add "jia" before zhong guo?


It believe it's a "measuring word," like the 个 in 几个


Why is "我没有去过那家中国饭馆" incorrect? It means literally the same thing as "我没去过那家中国饭馆".


Gotta agree with both your comments, 饭馆 is pretty weird, sounds like a rice exhibition or something. I usually use the common 餐厅. And yeah 家 should be correct but for my daily broken Chinese i only use 个 lol


I think his/her question is why 沒有 instead of 沒 wasn't accepted. The former is more formal written form and the latter informal spoken form.


Why isn't 餐馆 an accepted translation of restaurant? As a native speaker, 饭馆 actually sounds less natural to me (it's correct but not used as often).


Is there a reason you are not allowed to put the restaurant first in this case? e.g. 那家中国饭馆我没去过


Your suggestion sounds like an informal spoken form that although Chinese speakers can understand what you say, but I don't recommend you to write that when you want to learn the more normal grammatically correct written Chinese(native speaker here). You may find it in fictions, but then the sentence functions differently.


I mean it's better to start learning with the basic grammar structure of Chinese, where the sentence begin with the subject. And since the English sentence starts with 'I', so 'I' is the subject here. Your suggestion is correct by itself with its meaning but can be problematic as a translation in this example. The subject is the subject OF THE SENTENCE, in your sentence the Chinese restaurant became the subject and the stressing point. Hope this answers you. I can't see here when did you ask this question.


Wondering about the same thing, as topic-comment structures are quite common. But I am just asuming it is duolingo being duolingo....


Why lai 来 doesnt work? I think 来 and 去 are interchangeable


They're not quite interchangeable. Their use depends on the perspective of the speaker. 来 indicates a movement toward the speaker, like 'come' in English, whereas 去 indicates a movement away from the speaker, like 'go'.


家 is the most accurate measure word for the restaurant you may also say 个 which is almost works to every nouns


Why is it 中国饭馆 and not 中国的饭馆?


emmmm, as a native speaker I would say the latter sounds like it's a restaurant that belongs to China or restaurants in China in general. Actually I find the original duo version weird, I would suggest 中菜館 if they mean a restaurant serving Chinese cuisine.

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