"I am from America and he is from India."

Translation:मैं अमेरिका से हूँ और वह भारत से है।

September 29, 2018

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Why is "मैं अमेरिका से हूँ और यह भारत से है।" wrong? As far as I've understood यह should be used instead of वह for "he", if the person is right there next to me, not somewhere father away.


यह is usually used for things वह is used for people


For spoken we can say: मैं अमेरिका से और वह भारत से हैं


यह is here बह is there Don't confuse them with he/वह


So, could a native speaker weigh in? Would यह be okay?


Hi juhani यह means this and वह means that the question was im from America And he is from India "he" is not the listener or the speaker it is the third person See, this(यह) means the thing or person who is near us and that(वह) is the thing or person who is far away from us. The third person is far away from us know?eg:This girl is tall Ans: यह लड़की बड़ी है। That boy is small Ans: वह लड़का छोटा है। Therefore, im from America And he is from India Ans: मे अमेरिका से है और वह भारत से है। i am from india but not from hindi states..... Im from kerala


What is the difference between the two में and मैं in this context? I used the former and it said that i had a typo in my answer that I should have used the latter


मैं – I

में - in

Such as, I am in America: मैं अमेरिका में हूँ


मैं means ' I '


What's the difference between hu and hai??


Hu is used in first person While ho is used in second person and hai is used in third person


Hu is when i talk bout myself hai is when i talk bout someone else


How Should We Pronounce The Difference Between में And मैं ?

Is It May(n) And Meh(n) ?


Hi Duo loads of thanks for helping me all these days.May Godbless You.i inspite of my age & responsibilities at home toil the whole day to reach within the top 10.but some people just like that within minutes reach 2000 & odds.how is that possible.so i call it quits.


You need to understand the language to top


Why is it "मैं अमेरिका से" and not "मैं अमेरिका में"? Thank you for any help!


से means he is 'from' America मे means he is 'in' America


Would मेरा घर अमेरीका है और उसका घर भारत है be right?


Ghar means home so the sentence would not be correct


1)मैं अमेरिका से हूँ और वह भारत से है 2) मैं अमेरिका से है और वह भारत से हूँ What is the difference between first sentence and the second sentence


How many of you reached till people


How to identify its rehata or rehathi


Why this sentence wrong

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