"Mengapa kamu merawat mereka?"

Translation:Why do you look after them?

September 29, 2018

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"Why are you taking care of them" should be accepted as well, right?


Yes, I just added it, it should be accepted now.


Hi Rick. I've started to learn Indonesian from Scratch and I'm at this lesson (Me-2) now. You might have found some of my comments and posts, and I admit I've been very critical of some of the things - such as some lack of consistency or really bad "uncorrect English", but I just wanted to tell you how PLEASED I am overall with the course. I believe - at least until now - it's a very well built and very practical, useful course, I enjoy every minute, and although being in beta sometimes causes "pain" I think you guys are doing a very brilliant job in fixing all what is wrong. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity for learning this language in a well-organized and fun way - without spending a fortune! Keep up the good work, it's truly appreciated!


It's good to know that you're enjoying the course.
You're right that many translations are awkward/inconsistent/incorrect/etc..
Alternative answers are being added, skill by skill, so it will take some time before it's all fixed.
In the mean time, please keep submitting reports and leave your comments in the sentence discussions.
It makes the update easier.
On top of that, I hope that the sentence discussions will give other language learners extra info about why a certain translation is rejected while another one is accepted.
That's why I try not to update the current official translation.
By changing the current translation, a sentence discussion thread might get deleted as well, thereby losing/destroying the info.


That makes sense my friend! Thank you for and please keep up your hard work, I envision Indonesian getting out of Beta very soon!


"Why do you care for them?" is not accepted as an answer

[deactivated user]

    Merawat vs Menjaga?


    can u say 'mengapakah'??


    I think, yes you can... Formal word I guess...


    Would "why do you watch over them" be the same concept?

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