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  5. "Mit der Schüssel?"

"Mit der Schüssel?"

Translation:With the bowl?

April 1, 2013



I tried to say it right like 8 times, didn´t work although I was pretty close to the right pronunciation imho. Then I just hit record and said something like "lalalalala" and it worked :)))


I'm sure that's how I sound to Germans when I attempt to speak their wonderful language.


I had previously noted Schüssel as female gender, but in this example it is given as male. Can someone please confirm that this word is masculine?


From Tips :"Note that the dative changes all articles for the words, the plural and pronouns. For example, even though "Frau" is a feminine noun, it will take the masculine article here to indicate the dative: "Ich danke der Frau" (I thank the woman)." So Die Schüssel in Dative case becomes Der Schüssel.Also,it's Dative because it's being used with "mit" which is a Dative preposition.


a semantic correction on this comment. "Ich danke der Frau" is not technically using a "masculine article" - it is actually using the feminine dative article, which just so happens to be identical to the masculine nominative.


There's a great set of tables with all the endings for different cases on Wikipedia, that I've been keeping open in another tab for quick reference:



Somebody please explain to me, how can this case be dative? This is pure genitive. and I don't mean because of "der"...


"mit" always takes dative


Sorry, I mixed the names genitive and dative. Sorry ^^'

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