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  5. "Has he drunk alcohol?"

"Has he drunk alcohol?"

Translation:क्या उसने शराब पी है?

September 29, 2018



Why is it sometimes "pi" (पी) and sometimes "piya" (पिया) ?


पिया for singular past masculine verb पिये for plural past masculine verb पी for singular feminine verb पीं for plural feminine verb.

In the above example, शराब is a feminine and singular thing, so the singular feminine verb पी was used (thus not पिया)


Pee पी is for feminine drinks such as alcohol, medicine syrup, juice. Piya पिया is for masculine drinks such as water, tonic, oil


Now it's going to be really confusing! LOL So far verbs have been conjugated by the gender of the subject (usually her, him, etc). Another grammar rule to wrap my head around!


Great explanation thanks. The only problem is knowing which words are feminine and which masculine.


A great tip someone gave me is to learn the nouns with an accompanying adjective to help remember the gender.


So pi is referring to the object (Alcohol in this case) ? Does that mean that this could also mean "Has she drunk alcohol?"?


Yes, it can also mean "she"

[deactivated user]

    Can someone please explain why है is still needed here? I thought है was for present tense, not past tense. Are there other acceptable forms?


    है denotes that the present tense is still applicable. In the context of this sentence, the addition of है changes the sentence from "Did he drink alcohol?" to "Has he drunk alcohol?"

    [deactivated user]

      Makes sense! Thank you so much!


      Yes. This is called present perfect. It is an action that is now completed.
      If instead of has we used had, that is past perfect so we would use था instead of है.


      Somebody knows why it is उसने and not उन्हें ?


      Because he is one person. उन्हें is plural


      Ok thanks, but then... what is उन्होंने ?! This lesson needs a lightbulb


      उसने शराब पी क्या? Is as correct.

      • उसने शराब पी क्या = Did he drink alcohol? (simple past)

      • उसने शराब पी है क्या = Has he drunk alcohol? (past perfect) -> required answer


      The second one wasn't accepted in my case.


      Shouldn't a general question always start with the word "क्या"?


      In hindi, word order is completely fixed. Though you might have a conventional word order, even if you jumble up the words, the sentence will still be grammatically correct.


      Ohh शराब was considered as feminine unlike पानी as masculine. Seems contradictory logic! Totally strange! यह क्या अजीब है? I kept पिया for शराब and it was wrong. Okay i get it.


      उसने क्या शराब पी है। Is correct.


      "Kya" is at the beginning of the sentence when the answer can be "yes" or "not". Either, it's a question about something.


      Confused when to use hi and when nit to use it in the end of the sentence. Can anyone clarify

      [deactivated user]

        Kya usne sharab piya hain y is this wrong ?


        Is hai necessary here? Is it only in the negative sentences that the hai can be dropped?


        It was also correct


        This is not a past tense. This is present perfect. Why is it in past tense exercise?


        Because "drunk" is past tense.

        "Has he drunk alcohol before now?"


        Even though the present perfect is technically a present tense, it acts like a past tense. The present perfect has two uses: An action or state that occurred at an indefinite time in the past (e.g. I've done this before) or began in the past and continued to the present time (e.g. he's grown impatient over the last hour). I imagine that it's because of the second use that it's even considered a present tense in the first place.


        When pi and when pia? Just cant get it, i'm afraid


        Which word is masculine and which one is feminine.....❤❤❤❤ this pi and piya


        Since drink is a transitive verb, can I also say this as "kya vah sharab piya hai"?

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