"Dia diharapkan menjadi insinyur."

Translation:He was expected to become an engineer.

September 29, 2018

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To my understanding there is no indication of the verb tense in the Indonesian version so "She is expected to become an engineer." should be equally good a translation


I agree....I put "He expected to become an engineer." How are we supposed to know there's a "was" in there?


"She IS expected to be an engineer" is now accepted (Nov. 2021).


To be made is not a proper alternative to to become?


If you are talking about translating "menjadi" as "to be made", I don't think it is a good idea. "Membuat" and "menjadikan" (with the suffix "-kan") are sometimes interchangeable, but "menjadi" means "the subject becomes (on his own will)".

The root word of "diharap" is "harap" (hope/wish/pray). So, it is very natural to imagine that his parents (or teacher) hope that he will become an engineer in the future. In a passive mode, it is said "dia diharap menjadi insinyul". In an active mode, "orang tua dia mengharap agar dia menjadi insinyur".

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