"Kedalaman sungai ini sama dengan ketinggian rumah saya."

Translation:The depth of this river is the same as the height of my house.

September 29, 2018

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"the river is as deep as my house is high" would still be correct.


There's only 2 'the' that's bit fair


the depth of this river is the same height as my house should be accepted


in some lessons the correct translation of "sama dengan" is "equals to" and in other cases it is "the same is", and according to the correct translations these are not interchangeable. Is this a mistake or can you provide an explanation?


I would guess they are pretty much interchangable.


dude... I was hoping for this to be a flexible as I can expect. they should have given the other options rather than fill its by essay. as a native Indonesian, a lot of options should be considered tho


Why is ketinggian accepted as height in this answer when it is refused in other questions in the same chapter? Tinggi only being accepted in two previous questions.

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