"Satu meter sama dengan seratus sentimeter."

Translation:One meter is equal to one hundred centimeters.

September 29, 2018

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you should really make up your mind how you translate "sama dengan"... why cant you make it consistent and accept always "equals" "is equals to" and "is the same as"? its kinda annoying when this is your only error and you end up memorizing not the Indonesian word but the idiosyncratic English translation


It's not that I haven't made up my mind how to translate it, but it takes time to adjust the translations.
They need to be adjusted per sentence, per word, one by one.
If you see these inconsitencies, please submit a report and leave a comment in the sentence discussion.
That makes the update easier.


Rick, is Duolingo using standard (British) English or US English? meter vs. metre. Not really important, but worth mentioning.


It's mostly US English.
I've already updated and included the British English for some words (gram/gramme, behavior/behaviour).
I intend to include the British English spelling, simply because that's how I learned it at school.
I think it's not correct to reject the British English spelling.

If you see those words and they're rejected, please submit a report and leave a comment in the sentence discussion, so that it can be updated.


OK, didn't mean to be rude, I don't know how it works at the back end. I report it every time, thanks for the answe.


The abbreviated forms should really be accepted; it's a lot more natural for people to say "cm" as in "I am 170 cm tall" than "centimetres" in full.


Why does much of the discussion centre on the English translation when the target language is Indonesian? No two languages can be translated precisely. Two trains on different tracks. And 'is equals to' is not correct English.

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