"Pada waktu itu umur saya dua tahun."

Translation:At that time I was two years old.

September 29, 2018

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why is "at that time my age was two years old" not accepted? ... I'm not a native English speaker but it kind of makes sense for me. Thanks


Weird English quirk. A person can be "two years old", but their age cannot.

Your age would be "two years", without the "old". But using the word "age" in a statement like this would sound awkward to native ears, and should be avoided. The sentence Duo has is better.


There is nothing wrong with "Then I was two years old," but it seems like this translates to "at that time I was two years old."


I agree. Pada waktu itu = at that time. I base this on knowing that 'pada waktu' is the phrased used to say, At the time ...'


Oh yeah true it can be "At the time..." as well as "At that time..." another case of both "the" and "that" working as "itu" translations


At the time is accepted as of Feb 2021.

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