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  5. "Il me suit."

"Il me suit."

Translation:He follows me.

April 1, 2013



This is ridiculous. The lesson starts by explaining the "impersonal pronoun" il. So I translate "Il me suit" to "It follows me". And it says I'm in error: it should be "He follows me"...


They have missed something here, I think, because even "it" would make sense if a dog were following you. Did you report that mistake?


Either should be correct, no? :S


can "il suit moi" replace this sentence?


No, it can't. Pronouns as direct objects have to be placed in front of the verb.


What about "He accompanies me." It says accompanies is one of the possible translations right in the example.


That is right only with suitable context.

Basically, "suivre/follow" someone means walking behind him/her.

However, if you say to a friend "je te suis" when he is about to go, it will mean that you will accompany him/her.


il me suit - Duo seems to suggest "Suit" relates to; Follows, Obey/is obeying and Dog!! Have I got this right? Dog? where does dog come from? Can anyone help here please.


There is a verb "to dog", meaning "to follow closely":

  • to dog somebody's footsteps = ne pas l√Ęcher quelqu'un d'une semelle (phrase)


Wow!! Thanks Sitesurf, I would never have worked that one out but I understand well enough now. Good job we have you around, please don't leave us.


I thought the phrase was for the sake of being current and could be used to describe a twitter or Instagram follower... Can be used in this way?

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