I've got something weird in Duolingo's email.

Hey guys,

Today i've noticed about a new email. So i opened the Gmail and saw a weird thing in the email. (you can see it if you click on the link)

You can see here a strange .ru website next to the Hi. The website that you can see here is redict me to an adult site (you know what i mean). What is going on? Because i have no idea.


September 29, 2018


Someone hacked into your Duolingo account and changed your fullname field:

You can check your current profile here:

ADVISE: Change your password!!!

September 29, 2018

Thank you so much! I'm going to change it!

September 29, 2018

are you hungarian? because everything is hungarian on the gmail page? because if you are szia i guess but ignore that if your are not thanks

September 30, 2018

I am. Szia

September 30, 2018

Szia, barátok akarsz lenni

September 30, 2018

The Russians.

September 29, 2018

Wait, why adult site?

October 1, 2018


This is what spammers / hackers have been Duolingo on Memrise and Duolingo this year (I think it also was last year).

  • they create user accounts with arbitary names
  • they create MEMS with offending content
  • the mass follow people
  • they hack accounts
  • they change bio fields (hence Memrise made their web portal bio field invisible and/or deleted it - I can not even edit it anymore!!)
  • they hack into your user profile and change name/bio, etc.
October 1, 2018
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