Have you ever used Russian Pen Pal? And if so, what do you think about it?

I recently found out about this page, and i was wondering if it is really worth it. Apparently you can chat with other people from around the world but i'd really appreciate your opinion about this app before signing up

I'll leave the link down below so you can check it out if you want to:


4 months ago


I talk to Russian speakers. You only need to pay money if you want to access more than the last 3 people. Of the last 3 you keep all the records. If you have 3 and someone else communicates with you then you will loose one of the original 3 unless they write again. If you pay money you can have as many pen pals as you like. It is not a lot.

Several people have asked to communicate via your email. I have only agreed to do this with one person.

On the site I have one regular person. They write to me in Russian and I write to them in English.

We just talk about our day.


4 months ago

Are there the similar sites only for studying English?

4 months ago

Btw is the site is okay?

4 months ago

Keith again. Sorry, I use penpal but only with Russian speakers.

4 months ago
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I have never had a Russian Penpal nor any penpal who was not an English Native Speaker but I would really like one.

4 months ago

Do u wanna hafta Russian penpal?Did I got u right?

4 months ago

I gave picture. Email. Age.

I wrote about myself in Russian which was useful.

A few people wrote back because of this.

4 months ago

This is awesome! Thanks! Have a lingot! Or five...

4 months ago
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