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"Pollution spoils the view here."

Translation:Polusi merusak pemandangan di sini.

September 29, 2018



I have used the translation "Polusi merusak pemandangannya di sini.", and it was rejected. I have made a report to be added.

Sentence suggested by Duolingo:

Polusi merusak pemandangan di sini.

Hints suggested for "the view" / "view":

  • pemandangannya
  • pemandangan (view)
  • pandangan (view)


Polusi merusak pemandangannya di sini is not acceptable because -nya is alternative of his/her/its the is itu. The can't be translated as -nya. Because -nya is a possessive pronoun.


Pandangan is view; viewpoint; point of view

Pemandangan is view; scenery

In this context you must use pemandangan


ㅛㅐㅕ ㅁㄱㄷ 여ㅡㅠ!

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