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"Moja ciocia pracuje w tej szkole podstawowej."

Translation:My aunt works at this elementary school.

September 29, 2018



Can you add infant school as an accepted answer. We don't have elementary schools in the UK.


Infant school aka kindergarten, nursery school, etc. is przedszkole, whereas elementary school aka primery school, grade school, etc. is szkoła podstawowa.


OK, I understand infant school is wrong here. In the UK infant school isn't the same as nursery. Some infant schools have a nursery, some don't. Nursery is pre-school. It might make more sense to add a note to this discussion briefly explaining the Polish school system. It doesn't seem to match UK or American school years.


I said "my aunt works in this grade school" and it was marked wrong?


Oversight, added "grade school".

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