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  5. "The warriors killed Kahless."

"The warriors killed Kahless."

Translation:qeylIS luHoH SuvwI'pu'.

September 29, 2018



Shouldn't this be accepted?:

qeylIS luHoH SuvwI'.


Yep. It had actually been added, but with a small error that prevented it from being recognized. It should be accepted the next time the system updates.


No, cause in plural we use the pu' and in singular not.. Ist?


The plural markers are not required (except in some unusual circumstances). The unmarked noun could be singular or plural. SuvwI' could mean "warrior" or "warriors". SuvwI'pu' can only mean "warriors". When the plural marker is not there, usually context will make it clear whether the singular or plural is meant. And, in fact, the lu- prefix in this sentence makes it clear that the subject is plural and the object is singular, so using the -pu' plural noun suffix adds no additional information to this sentence.

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