"Salahkah mereka?"

Translation:Are they wrong?

September 30, 2018



I'm sorry, I'm confused again. Why has the -kah suffix been added? What does it do grammatically? :/

September 30, 2018


-kah suffix is used to mark a sentence as a question.
It's mostly used in the written/formal style.
-kah is used to convert a declarative statement into an interrogative statement.
-kah can be attached to 'apa', if the question starts with 'apa'.
-kah is attached to the predicate phrase if the question does not use 'apa'.
Examples :

Tini sakit.
Apakah Tini sakit?
Sakitkah Tini?

Tini terlalu kurus.
Apakah Tini terlalu kurus?
Terlalu kuruskah Tini?

Tini mau makan.
Apakah Tini mau makan?
Maukah Tini makan?

Please have a look here as well : https://www.duolingo.com/skill/id/Questions/tips-and-notes

September 30, 2018
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