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  5. "That man and this woman"

"That man and this woman"

Translation:वह आदमी और यह औरत

September 30, 2018



What is the difference between आैरत and महिला ? Google translated woman as the latter and doesn't recognize the former.


They are synonyms but the former (the one that are using) is a lot more common.


There is nothing such as 'more common' both are synonymous and both are used as frequently as the other. Direct translation from hindi to english for औरत is 'woman' and महिला is 'lady' but both woman and lady are synonyms in English. Hope you get it :)


Here it gets a little complicated. Hindi and Urdu are the branches of Hindustani language. औरत and महिला mean the same i.e. a woman. But the former one is in urdu and the later one is in hindi. Both are used in normal day to day conversations in both hindi and urdu.


औरत is Indian woman name


मैंने सही आंसर दिया


Confusing words for men and woman

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