"I am Andi."

Translation:Saya Andi.

September 30, 2018

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I am a little disappointed with the constant change of informal and formal forms. You is translated to kamu (informal) and I is translated to saya (formal). Would be more coherent to stick to ine form wouldn't it? Saya - Anda (I - You, formal) or Aku - Kamu (I - You, informal)


the thing is saya-kamu pair is more common than saya-anda pair for formal conversation. Using anda is sometimes considered as too formal.


You get downvoted. But i totally agree. First they should start with informal and later they can start teaching us the formal words. Now we have to learn many words twice which make things very confusing.

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    Actually it is not so uncommon for Saya-Kamu pair..

    Some people keep using "saya" in informal situations though. Like me. :)

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      Saya and aku is both formal and informal. So it should be used interchangeably


      Why not : nama saya andi?


      That will be "My name is Andi".


      Itu kan emang betul


      Why not "saya adalah Andi" ?


      acceptable but it's a long-winded thing because it has the same meaning. Just imagine like you use non verbal sentences. haha This is the easiest way to understand it ( i think )


      No need to say "adalah" when you say your name


      I like this course :)


      Aku orang indonesia

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        What's the difference between Nama Saya and Saya Andi? The noun in Nama Saya is first. The noun in Saya Andi is second.

        Whereas I was told noun is always first in Indonesian.

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