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Writing Chinese.

I am really happy that Duolingo offers Chinese, and there are many wonderful features to it. I especially love the pronunciation. The course allows you read, understand, and say it correctly. However, there is one complaint that I have and it regards the ability to write in the language.

Chinese is one of those languages where the order in which you write the strokes matters. While today's keyboards only need you to type in the pinyin, writing on paper is an issue. Thus, at least including gifs of which strokes the words are written in should help people write Chinese more proficiently.

September 30, 2018



Chinese is one of those languages where the order in which you write the strokes matters

Strokes and stroke-orders matter in practically any handwritten writing system. DL has never taught handwriting. You are as much on your own with Chinese in this matter as you would be with Russian, Hebrew, Korean, Hindi, etc.
There is not a convenient way to teach handwriting properly as most people do not use a device with a stylus.
Incorporating an animation could well be better than nothing, however, as a reference. I have seen many threads complaining about this, but this is the first one to propose something practical.

But, as I say, DL has never taught handwriting in any language, so I don't feel the chances of this happening are very high; handwriting is also becoming less and less important by the day as people move toward electronic forms of communication in lieu of paper.


I accept this idea throughout there are 7 basic rules of calligraphy. I also want to notice that Duolingo teaches us only simplified characters throughout there are characters with traditional writing. I understand that a lot of people who learn Mandarin do not want learn them because the most Chinese do not use them. But in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau it will cause some problems. And (to Duolingo), if you can, create please the course of Cantonese dialect. (Sorry, if my English is bad)


I'd love to see that, and any of the Wu-chinese languages as well--shangai or wenzhou in particular would be cool.


there are the rules of writting Chinese characters - first horizontal lines (most cases) , than vertcal lines, some rules about short strokes and long ones, some about elements. I just use another apps and books for that ;)


There's a free smartphone app that I use to memorize characters along with the right order of strokes. I use it with stylus on nox emulator for PC. But it's possible to write with your finger on smartphone screen. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.molatra.chinesewriterlite


I will have to check it out. I had installed a simplified Chinese handwriting keyboard in my ipad from the list of available keyboards when I needed it to use a product called Pleco.

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