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C'mon, really?!

I see a lot of people only "translate" the two word intros (like a person's name on Wikipedia) just to get the EASY points and then move on. Look, that's not helping you learn, AND it's not helping the wiki-translate project. Don't be so lame. Sure, do the easy ones and think "yippee, easy points" but at least try some of the harder ones too. C'mon!

April 5, 2012



I agree with you completely. I was working on one the other night and parts of it were broken down to number points such as 3. or 4. Those ones had 2000 "translations" but when it came to the actual translations, I was the only one on record.


A strange thing I find is that sentences that are exactly the same are translated exactly the same. This may be the phenomenon you're seeing Gumbee, because two-word sentences, particularly ones like "Vease tambien" (See Also) can be particularly common.

I normally translate an entire page that I come across, but I often find that my two-word translations are also used for pages that I've never seen before. I don't think this is entirely appropriate because Often times even though the words are the same, for two different pages the meaning could change based on context. For instance a cooking page might translate "huevos" as eggs, but a child toy page could translate "huevos" as balls.

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