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Simple present and present continuous tenses in Hindi -- help needed!!

Ok, maybe I am just slow, but I am having a really hard time advancing in this lesson absent straight memorization of the translations given. Any explanation someone could give would be most appreciated.

The lesson talks about present continuous tense and the use of "raha hoon/he" or "rahi hoon/he" or "rahu ho/hai" in order to form it. The example given in the notes is "मैं सेब खा रहा हूँ" translated to "I am eating an apple". This makes sense to me and I understand the construction.

HOWEVER, the lesson then goes on to give almost completely sentences that do not have the रहना auxiliary verb used. Rather, almost all of the verbs appear to be conjugated in the simple present form. But, the translations accepted seem to vary between the simple present and the present continuous without any rhyme or reason to which is accepted.

Any insights from either a course moderator or someone who has a better handle on this than I do?


September 30, 2018



Could you please give examples of sentence-translation pairs that trouble you? Would make it much easier to help...


I am not sure whether this is what you mean here, but the few explicit such exceptions I encountered in lessons were verbs expressing a posture, such as to sit and to stand, where present simple is used in Hindi (मैं खड़ा हूँ, मैं बैठा हूँ) and present continuous is used in English (I am standing, I am sitting). Since these verbs are special, this (consistent) special treatment made sense to me and I learned them as exceptions.

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