"Tini terlambat datang ke pelajaran kimia."

Translation:Tini arrives too late for the chemistry lesson.

September 30, 2018

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Very confusing here. The correct answer given in the exercise is "Tini is late to chemistry class", yet the correct answer given in here (see above) is "Tini is late to chemistry." Both these sentences are incomplete and wrong. I suggest the following for an answer: "Tini is late for the chemistry (class) (lesson) (subject)." <- pick one.


Yes "too" is not mentioned I'd expect terlalu or sekali otherwise


You are correct here.


maybe "chemistry class" is also correct? not sure


"chemistry lesson" is another accepted translation.
"chemistry class' is now added.


Is there a way to add it the wordbank too? I think a lot of people are going to be tripped up by this exercise.


Okay, so when I was exposed to this exercise, I saw /Tini terlambat datang ke pelajaran kimia./ And the English translation provided was "Tini arrives too late for the chemistry lesson." Is that the only English meaning that this Indonesian sentence can have, or is it just one possibility?

I would have just translated it as "Tini arrives late to chemistry (class/lesson)." So, I wonder whether Indonesian makes a distinction between "arriving late to an event" and "arriving too late to an event."

What do I mean by that? In English, you can arrive late to an event (class, wedding, etc.) but still participate and join the event. If someone told me, "You arrived too late," pragmatically that might mean that I was no longer allowed to join the event or participate in it because a certain time threshold had already passed and I hadn't arrived within an acceptable timeframe (i.e. the doors are now locked and additional guests will not be admitted to enter). It could also mean that I couldn't participate anymore because the event had already finished before I arrived.

If I wanted to say emphasize "too late" instead of merely "late," would it be better to say /terlalu terlambat/? Or does Indonesian not have a way of explicitly marking the distinction between these two meanings?


Isn't it late for class?


Same as:
Tini datang dengan terlambat...?


Tini datang dengan terlambat sounds unnatural to me.

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