"Why do you always drink water?"

Translation:Proč vždy piješ vodu?

September 30, 2018

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What is the difference between vždy and stale?


Would "Proč piješ vždy vodu?" be wrong?


is "proč vždy vodu piješ" correct?


It is extremely weird. It is asking why he always DRINKS water and not doing something else with it.

Even if you wanted to ask why he always drinks the whole (glass of) water, that would use the perfective vypít instead plus probably some more changes.


Would "Proč piješ vodu vždy?" be correct? The word order in "On tady spi zridka" works this way so why wouldn't it in this case? Is there a rule for placement of adverb? If so, I'm not discerning it in the exercises.


It's a bit strange; why do you drink water always and not just sometimes? It would work well if the sentence continued: "Proč piješ vodu vždy, když jíš párek?" (Why do you always drink water when you eat a sausage?) Otherwise, the person asking this question is more likely to be interested in knowing why it's water that you drink always, not why it's always that you drink water. So.. I would say, marginally acceptable :) I can't say it's incorrect, it's just hard to imagine actually saying it.

In "On tady spí zřídka" the "rarely" is the most important piece of information you're telling someone.

As for general placements of adverbs... they like being second in the sentence when they're not too important, they want to be first if that's the topic (as for here..., regarding today...), or last when they're stressed and they're the focus of what you're telling someone. So generally the same rules as for everything else.


Ok. My brain just melted. I've got to go put my head in the freezer for an hour or so to process this.


No worries, I get the same brain melts when I try to wrap my head around the word order in Hungarian. It's also flexible, but works very differently than in Czech. Couple that with their 30-ish cases, two whole separate systems of conjugation, vowel harmony, and the brain just wants to crawl out of the ears sometimes :D

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