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  5. "मैं ढाई बजे घर आता हूँ ।"

"मैं ढाई बजे घर आता हूँ "

Translation:I come home at half past two.

September 30, 2018



What determines बजे or बजा?


People rarely use बजा in daily conversations. You can always go for बजे.


Hello, I ask myself the same question. I don't see an oblique case in this sentence. Can someone explain it ?


Yes this. Maybe it's the 'at', because it's बजा when telling the time. Would like some reply on this.


As a native Hindi speaker, I can assure you that you can use the former in any sentence. The latter is uncommon, but not incorrect.


First, time telling largely revolves around the verb “बजना” (bajna) which means : to be (time concept). Bajna can also mean to produce sound (instrument). So when we are using 5 “baje” in time telling we are saying that the clock has hit 5 chimes or the clock has produced the hourly chimes 5 times. The phrase we’ll use is:

कितने बजे हैं? kitne baje hain - What time is it?

एक बजा है ek bajaa hai - It’s one o'clock.

For One o'clock it’s एक बजा ek bajaa and for anything else it’s that number then बजे baje! So for example we might say…

कितने बजे हैं? kitne baje hain - What time is it?

चार बजे हैं chaar baje hain - It’s four o'clock.

So I think you have noticed something, baja is singular and baje is plural. However, Leaving everything aside, if you are talking in a conversation and For declaration, we always use बजे (baje)

1 बजे मिलते हैं।। (ek baje milte hain)

Let’s meet at 5 o'clock.

Other than that you can also use baje and baja to report a sounding of an instrument. I hope that clears your confusion


I wrote “I come home at 2:30”. It said it was correct but indicated that a space was missing at it should have instead been “I come home at 2 30”. This is not how time is typically written.


Hehey welcome to Duolingo, a strange place.


"I come home at half two" is also incorrect apparently.


Nobody says that...


'I come home at a half past two' is still incorrect. Have reported it


There shouldn't be an 'a'. Eg: You dont say I come home at a 1 o'clock. The 'a' is unnecessary.


The correct answer given by duolingo is 'I come home at half past two' 'a' is not given....please check it!

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