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"Did he use the spoon successfully?"

Translation:Používal tu lžíci úspěšně?

September 30, 2018



It is supposed to be "Použil" instead of "Používal" because it is past simple not past continuous in czech.


Why do you think so? The past simple case is very often used for repeated action. Anyway, both are accepted.


It is unusual in English to use 'successfully' this way. More common would be 'correctly'.


FWIW, I'm native AmE and see some difference in meaning between the use of the two adverbs. I would say that the use of "successfully" here suggests that he accomplished his (or someone's) purpose in using the spoon. On other hand, the use of "correctly" suggests that he used the spoon in the way that a spoon is intended to be used.


correctly would be správně

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