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How to remove a language?

Accidentally added a language I don't plan on learning and I wish to remove it (if possible?)

April 1, 2013



Here's where I found it: edit profile > account > reset or remove languages


This is quite old, but it's the first thing that came up when I google searched how to remove a language. Just thought I'd point out that you can now remove one by going to Settings -> Reset or remove languages. You then have the option to either reset your progress or remove an individual language completely :)


thank you!!

i wanted to make sure it won't reset all languages. googled and reached to your reply


I would like to as well if that would be possible


Came up a while ago. Presently you can't


Alright, thank you :)


Hi! Yes, you can't currently delete a language unfortunately.


the same thing happens, feel bad to have another language i do not want to learn. But thanks anyway.


Hey! Same here. It'd be great if you could remove a language. I clicked on the Spanish link and now I can't get it out. I'm from Argentina… so Spanish is my native language :P


go to edit profile account reset or remove languages

hope i helped :3


It is possible to delete a language! I just did it! BUT YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE DUOLINGO WEBSITE-- you can not do it on the app. Simply log in, go to your profile, edit profile, under account, voila!

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