"My mother is going."

Translation:मेरी माँ जा रही हैं ।

September 30, 2018

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Hi all, why is it हैं instead of है? Thought it should be मेरी माँ जा रही है । as है is "is". Thanks.


मेरी माँ जा रही हैं is the plural (and more respectful) form. मेरी माँ जा रही है is the singular (and less respectful) form.

However, I'm not sure that मेरी माँ जा रही है is technically incorrect, since मेरी is both the singular and plural feminine form.


हैं is used with plural nouns as well as for honorifics (in Asian and South Asian culture, you use a more respectful language towards elders and socially higher ranking people). While है is used for singular/non-honorific purposes. I hope this is clear enough:)


What's the difference between the sound आं and the sound आँ?


In आं sound, you touch your tongue to the top of your pallet at the end of the sound (as in under), which is not done in the other one. The similarity is that both are nasal sounds.


What's the difference between मेरि and मेरी ?


मेरी is used with feminine nouns like मेरी माँ (my mother), मेरी किताब (my book), मेरी थाली (my plate) . मेरा is used with masculine nouns like मेरा भाई (my brother), मेरा जूता (my shoe), मेरा तकिया (my pillow)

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