"Mia moja na themanini"

Translation:One hundred and eighty

September 30, 2018

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one hundred eighty is as acceptable as one hundred and eighty in English


Oh dear. Doesn't accept 180. But it had been accepting the digits till now.


I said one hundred eighty and they said it had to be one hundred AND eighty!


Oooone hundred and eightyyyyy!


I'm trying to remember if any of the bars I've been in in Tz had a dartboard in the corner. I can't remember clearly, but I think at least one (which was quite "touristy" though) did.

[Rude words] 26.


It sounds like he was pronouncing moja like "moya". This is the second example I've heard where he has pronounced a j like a y. I didn't think this was a thing in Kiswahili, so is it just an error in the recording or the sound file?


Kiswahili is spoken across something like a thousand miles of Eastern Africa, in parts of at least 6 countries and in contact with I don't know how many other languages.

There is a lot of dialect-level variation. I don't speak enough Swahili to say how (e.g.) Mtwara near the Mozambique border differs from Dar, but they do sound different.

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