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I found some wrong han zi (Chinese characters).

Hi, I am Japanese learning a few languages on Duolingo. It's nice to learn languages here, but I'm disappointed that Chinese site would not been checked carefully. In the first part of each lesson, there are some practices to learn characters and their pronunciations. I found some wrong characters and tones there, and sometimes in the sentences following them. I reported the mistakes I found to Duolingo before, which were 'huang' (yellow), and so on. And today I found another one. The letter 'zhi' in ' yi zhi' (straight) is in a classic style (and also a Japanese style), not in a simplified we learn here. The problem is that we can't report about that directly from the page with mistakes, because there are no suitable choice to click, like wrong character, wrong pronunciation, and wrong tone. I really hope that you will re-check the site and make a system to report that I suggested. It would be a little easier for Japaneses to realize the wrong characters, but it would be a big problem for people who learn them at the first time. Please correct the problems before many people learn the wrong things. Thank you for reading.

September 30, 2018


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