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"jabwI', romuluS HIq vItlhutlh."

Translation:Waiter, I will drink Romulan ale.

September 30, 2018



Why is "Waiter, I will drink a Romulan ale." incorrect?


A couple variations had been added in, but I guess we somehow missed that one. It's been added now.


It shouldn't be. This sentence comes from Power Klingon as "Waiter, I will drink Romulan ale." The sentence creator may have been too strict in allowing variations.


It sounds odd to me. How many Romulan ales are there, that you can drink just one?

I would treat it like "water" -- a substance. You can drink "some water" but not "a water".


I took it as a way of differentiating between different types of ales rather than different types of Romulan ales. As in, "I'll take a Romulan ale, not that wimpy Terran ale."


I will drink a beer. I will drink a wine cooler. (But not "I will drink a wine.") I will drink a Coke. I will drink a root beer. These all seem fine to me.

You certainly can say "a water" when you're referring to bottled water, or when the person who comes around with the tray of water before your meal didn't bring you one, and you say, "I'll have a water too."


Basically, when the drink is considered as already poured, or already separated for you, you can usually refer to it with an indefinite article.

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