"Next month is April."

Translation:Bulan depan bulan April.

September 30, 2018

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Would this sentence sound better with "adalah"? I thought I got the hang of when to use "adalah", but if my sense is right, here is a good place to have it. The version I got in the word bank didn't even include "adalah" in the options.


Yes, I thought so, too! Or "Bulan depan itu bulan April" -- some marker to show the SubjectPhrase is over and the ObjectPhrase begins...?


A more fulsome translation would be "Bulan depan adalah bulan April".


Is it still correct to say "April" instead of "bulan April", or does "bulan" always precede the name of the month? Like, in English, we can say "the month of April" or just "April" depending on context.


Halo teman! The sentence suggested by Duolingo is "Bulan depan adalah bulan April.", but not only the second "bulan" can be dropped. The word "adalah" can also be dropped. So, there are more possible translations:

Bulan depan adalah April.

Bulan depan bulan April.

Bulan depan April.

Please, try reporting your sentences to be added as alternative translations.

Selamat belajar! :)


Terima kasih for the clarification. I assume the more unnecessary words you include, the more formal the sentence sounds (like in English)? So "Bulan depan April" has a lot more of a conversational tone?

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