"Your question is good."

Translation:Pertanyaan kamu bagus.

September 30, 2018

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Should "pertanyaanmu baik" also be accepted?


Tried to say "pertanyaanmu baik" but got told it's incorrect. Can someone explain when to use baik and when to use bagus?


So I looked it up, and what I came up with is baik and bagus have the same meaning but you would use baik when speaking of inner quality of animate people, animals and for situations and relationships. Bagus would be used for inanimate and the quality thereof. In this example, we are speaking of the quality of the inanimate question; it is good, so we would use bagus. Duolingo is not set up to be able to teach this concept understandably.


I expected pertanyaanmu baik to be correct


Is using "baik" bagus?

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