Duolingo accompaniments?

so im studying spanish with just duolingo right now but im wondering if theres anything else kinda simple i could add to duolingo to help further my learning

just small things though like...well i already changed my phone and my Wii to spanish and im planning on getting a harry potter book in spanish

im not opposed to making lists of things that are a little harder for me like when to use usted instead of tu and whatnot

does anyone else out there use things other than duolingo to help supplement their studies?

4 years ago

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Supplementing Duo is a great idea. However, it might be a little early for you to jump into reading such a big book if you're still struggling with things like tĂș vs. usted. There's no shame in reading picture books and then working your way up. I remember when I was learning Spanish, I tried to read a book way earlier than I should have and it really discouraged me because I thought I would be able to understand a lot more than I did. Still, those little things like changing your phone and Wii are great starts :)

4 years ago
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Check out the unofficial Duo Wiki It has suggestions for language learning in general and then language specific sections.

Try out the Extr@ series on YouTube. There are several copies out there but this playlist has closed captions which is pretty handy if you have trouble understanding spoken Spanish. It's a 13 show series designed for intermediate level Spanish students.

4 years ago
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