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2 Suggestions: iPhone landscape mode; Offline mode settings

posted this on facebook, but i guess this is a better place for the suggestions.

1 - when typing, it'd be good to be able to rotate the iphone to the landscape orientation. i have constant typos when typing in the portrait orientation, and it slows down my typing considerably.

2 - also, this one would be tougher, but could maybe be put on the agenda someday... offline mode is great, just what i hoped for from the beginning. but if i'm on wifi, it downloads the updated offline lessons at the very beginning, and if i continue to work on lessons it doesn't seem to keep downloading more offline lessons.... so when i eventually try to do offline lessons, there are very few available, if any. (i did not test this, as i rarely have wifi access. this is just how it seemed to me that it works.) one fix would be to just have the app download an additional lesson after each online wifi lesson is completed... another fix, which would be optimal, would be to someday have in-app settings that can be adjusted to suit the user. for example, i have a lot of free space on my phone, and do not have reliable access to wifi... so it'd be great if i could change the settings to "when on wifi, download up to 500MB of offline lessons" or "up to --GB"... whatever amount the user prefers. not complaining... an hour (almost) of offline lessons is sufficient for most users. but i always run outta lessons and have to wait until i'm around someone's wifi that will let me update. it'd be awesome if i could cut down the number of times that's necessary from daily to maybe once a week or once every couple weeks.

adding another suggestion:

it'd be cool if i could see somewhere on my profile exactly how many hours i've worked within duolingo. not a very important suggestion, but i think i'd like it :)

April 1, 2013



Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. Landscape orientation isn't there quite yet for the iPhone. We hope to have more offline lessons available soon. Also, the suggestion about how many hours you've spent is great. I'll let our team know.

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