"I am drinking my tea."

Translation:Piju svůj čaj.

October 1, 2018

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Just for information... could this also be Piju můj čaj? Does one need the extra ownership of svůj? Or is it flexible?


Not in a simple sentence like this.

You could use "můj" for a very strong additional emphasis, usually when emphasizing contrast. For example, you could say "Piju můj čaj, ne tvůj!" while replying to your friend who's accusing you of stealing his cuppa.

In any other scenario, remember the simple 'svůj indicates possession by the subject of the clause.'


Good to know, thank you.


What's wrong with "svůj čaj piju"? Can "svůj" not start a sentence?


It can, but this particular word order will only work when you strongly stress piju. And that is quite artificial here. Like if someone was suggesting you are doing something else with your tea and not drinking. And you say I am DRINKING my tea.

But anyway, it IS accepted. If it was not accepted for you, it might be the infamous grading bug.


Why is: "piju svého caj" incorrect? (As in "Mám svého muze"?


Because čaj is inanimate, it belongs to the masculine inanimate gender. Mám svůj hrad. Mám svůj les. Mám svůj stroj.

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