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  5. "Hai un cane?"


"Hai un cane?"

April 1, 2013



Should "You have a dog" be acceptable here too?


Yes, that is what I put, except I had a question mark at the end of it.


i still dont understand how to build a question sentence. can some1 help me out with that?


It is pretty easy as long as you don't compare it to the way questions are structured in English, because that will get confusing:

  • Take an affirmative sentence (Hai un cane)
  • Add a question mark (Hai un cane?)

With interrogative pronouns and adverbs, the situation changes a bit:

  • Take an affirmative sentence (Tu hai un cane)
  • Rule of thumb, place the pronoun/adverb at the beginning (Chi ha un cane? Perché hai un cane? Cosa hai?)

That's a good way to start, but you will find other ways of forming questions as you go along :)


Curious: How would you differentiate between "You have a dog?" and "Do you have a dog?" There's no actual Italian word for "do" in this sentence, even though it's marked correct. Is it more of a context thing?


There is no auxiliary do in Italian :) The difference between "You have a dog?" (maybe with an incredulous tone) and "Do you have a dog?" (unbiased curiosity) is not all that different and in Italian would be marked with a different tone and maybe conjunctions.

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