This is my first year using Duolingo with my classes and it's been going great! However, I received a call from a parent today saying that her son was on the app at home and she was worried about a section on "Flirting" that she saw on his device. I told her that I didn't think there was anything inappropriate on Duolingo for Schools and that I hadn't seen a section on flirting. I had my students download Duolingo on the Web and I'm tracking them through Duolingo for Schools. Are we using the wrong app? Or maybe the student had created his own account at home using a different Duolingo app?? Please help as I'm not sure what to do ... thanks!

October 1, 2018


There is a bonus skill called "flirting" that people can buy. It has really super cheesy pickup lines in it like "There are no stars in heaven because they are all in your eyes" and similar nonsense.

If you like, you, as the teacher, can disable "mature content" and your students will not be able to see the flirting skill, nor will they be given words like blood, dead, wine.

Thank you! How can I disable the mature content?

Look in your classroom settings. It's pretty easy to find.

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