"V téhle restauraci jsem dostal tekutý sýr."

Translation:At this restaurant, I got liquid cheese.

October 1, 2018

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Is liquid cheese something you really say in english? I think that "runny" would be a more appropriate description, but I am not a native speaker.


I wouldn't expect to hear "liquid cheese" very often from a native speaker. But I can imagine someone using if the cheese is really something that is more drinkable than eatable. Since "melted" is accepted, I have added "runny" as well. For me (native AmE, East Coast), "runny" would be the most used adjective, say, if the cheese is sliding or dripping out of your burger... (But if "runny" really doesn't work from the Czech perspective, the edit may be retracted.)


I think it is absolutely fine.

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