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  5. In just 25 days!!!


In just 25 days!!!

is it just me, or is this pretty incredible for the first 25 days? Like all my friends have dropped out within a week, but I'm still going strong!

Stats below: 176 lingots, 25 day streak, 103 crowns in German (level 15), 37 crowns in French (level 9), 11 crowns in Swedish (level 7), 10356 XP in total and almost all the achievements I can get in 25 days

October 1, 2018



I would write something in German, saying great job, but all I know is Spanish, and English :)

Great job!!! This is an amazing achievement!


Also, please change your theme from "Educators". This has nothing to do with Educators :)


Wunderbar! Ich w√ľnsche Dir weiterhin viel Motivation!


Can I have one of your 176 lingots?

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