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Thank you course contributors!

I'm starting to get quite a few emails on my sentences being added to the course. To those contributors actively fixing up the course-- thank you!! It really means a lot that other people will be able to learn more efficiently and properly in the future.

Thanks again,


October 1, 2018



quadrin, I agree. Have a lingot for similar feelings. Love, Cat

Happy Bicentennial! I am impressed. I should be there around Halloween. Boo!

Just for fun. Let's have your virtual celebration in the Smokey Mountains. The trees are turning. The air is cool. Considering the environment we'll have hot apple cider(with a kick or without),warm sandwiches, and your favorite kind of soup.Of course there will be every kind of pie, smores, and hot chocolate. Your new friend, Cat


Awe, thanks! You've got a little more than a week to go for your bicentennial :)


I am thinking of having another pig roast. . .now that is celebrating, eh?


cho mình hỏi là ví dụ mình học tiếng trung bây giờ muốn quay trở về học tiếng anh thì phải làm sao

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