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Vocabulary is too repetitive. More words please!

I teach french for new comers here in Quebec, Canada. I used to suggest to my students to use Duolingo on their own for my beginner students who are joining my multi-level class.

But a recurrent complaint from my students is that they become irritated by the repetitiveness of words like man, women, girl, apple, dog, cat, to eat, etc. They feel they are spending too much time repeating the same words and verbs over and over again. They usually quit using Duolingo early in the course because of this reason.

Please, Duolingo, make the course so that after completing it, the students have a richer vocabulary.



October 1, 2018



You really need to push through the first levels (at least 10) which also stays true for the first 3-4 months to get over all this "the man eats bread, drinks beer, girl drinks milk, bee does xyz" stuff.

There is a new French tree with 119 skills (A/B, not stable to be used for schools.duolingo.com).

How many more skills, words and vocabulary do they want?

There was a tree3 update ~5 months ago which used 96 skills instead of 78 but I read you can't probably get it anymore (was A/B too).

Maybe you should suggest them:

Duolingo is nice to teach and practice basic grammar.
But you need to be patient with the progress as the tree goal is more mid-term/long-term: I would estimate ~1 year (was true for my EN-PT Portuguese tree and 69 skills).

They could also test out the earlier skills.

Please note: There is no need to level-up all early skills to crown level L5!!!
L1 is enough to unlock new (grey) skills and go!


How to possibly move fast forward through the lessons? https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/29353196


When we start learning a language, we need some basic vocabulary in order to start learning the grammar. Every student has to go through this, no matter whether they're learning through Duolingo or anything else. Once the students are past that first stage, they'll start getting some more vocabulary, and some more grammar.

As Thomas.Heiss says, if they're being taught stuff they already know, they can test out of a skill.


Repetition is the essence of language learning for most of us.

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