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"Does she play with my daughter?"

Translation:Spielt sie mit meiner Tochter?

April 1, 2013



how cud we differentiate the use of meinem and meiner


In dative "meinem" is used for masculine nouns (der changes to dem, mein to meinem, etc.) and "meiner" for feminine nouns (die changes to der, meine to meiner, etc.). More here: http://german.about.com/library/blcase_dat.htm


Thanks, thats really helpful.


Little trick I learned in Latin, Tochter ends in er meiner ends in er. Alot of the times the ending will match up. Its not foolproof, but there are patterns for weekend warriors like us its about the best I can do. Or, man up and go hardcore by memories every gender for every word, every case, every chart, ect... When they started mixing two different cases with with 3 different sets of word ends in one sentence. LOL, I gave up weeks ago. Good luck.


I read that meiner is not Accusative, it is genitive wich is in next lessons http://www.canoo.net/inflection/mein:Pron:Poss:1st:SG


Can anyone explain using meiner vs meinen?


What about "Meinen"? I don't quite understand how it's used..


Hint said mein, got it wrong, and said corrext translation was meiner?


If we are studying Dative here and the dative of "she" is "ihr", why is the correct answer Duolingo provides phrased with "sie"? Anybody please help explain!


Dative part of the sentence is "mit meiner Tochter." First part of the sentence (Spielt sie) is in Nominative case. Imagine if that the sentence would be: She is playing with HER daughter. Preposition "with" indicates change of case and when you are asking WITH/TO WHAT you use dative after the preposition. In my expample you use both She/Her in one sentence and its still right. In german it would be: Sie spielt mit IHR Tochter.

Hope that helps a bit. I am just learner like you but thats how I understood it :)


Why is meinen wrong? I always thought that after mit/bei/etc goes the "den/dem" form. Can anyone explain this?

[deactivated user]

    In the sentence, 'mit' changes 'Tochter' into dative form. Tochter is feminine, thus changes 'meine Tochter' into 'meiner Tochter'. http://german.about.com/library/blcase_sum.htm


    Difference between meiner and meinem?


    girl and boy

    mit meineR Tochter mit meineM Sohn


    Is there no distinction necessary between "Does she play..." and "Is she playing..." I thought an auxiliary verb construction would be used for this sentence?

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