Translation:afraid (type-2 verb suffix)

October 1, 2018



Is it really necessary for the translations/definitions for some of these suffixes to be so specific? I know what -vIp means, but having had experience with needing a particular translation for suffixes in the past, I checked the hover-over tip in order to see exactly what it said, which was "afraid (type 2 suffix)." So that's exactly what I wrote, and I got it wrong because I didn't include the word "verb."

I remember having a similar problem with -vo': if I didn't write exactly "from away from noun suffix" each time, I got it wrong. I appreciate that it might be helpful for us to know that -vIp is a type 2 suffix (I think we all know it's a verb suffix). But a few slightly more lenient translations would be appreciated, just in case we can't remember the exact required text for each suffix every time we happen to run across this question.

Rant over, thanks. :-)


I've gotten it right whenever I type in just the meaning (without all that verb suffix stuff); e.g. "afraid"


We want the answer shown to always give the complete information, but we do not require that users give that complete answer. On the other hand it is very difficult to predict all the variations of that information that users might enter. Feel free to Report it if you think your variation was correct and should be accepted.

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