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"That match will be performed at three in the afternoon."

Translation:Pertandingan itu akan dilaksanakan pukul tiga sore.

October 2, 2018



Can you say “pukul tiga jam sore”?


Can you say “pukul tiga jam sore”?

That's double, you should use "pukul" or "jam", the one or the another, not both.
Like this :

(He arrives at three o'clock in the afternoon):
"Dia tiba pukul tiga sore"
"Dia tiba (pada) jam tiga sore"


"diadakan" was not accepted as a translation for "to be performed". I know nuances and context are important in Indonesian language, but in this case I see no context difference between "dilaksanakan" and "diadakan".


What's the purpose of pukul in this sentence

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