"We are facing north, the south is behind us."

Translation:Kita menghadap utara, arah selatan ada di belakang kita.

October 2, 2018

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is 'arah' strictly necessary in this sentence? i was marked incorrect for omitting it, but am wondering if you could also say ...

'kita menghadap utara, setalan ada di belakang kita'.

or does that sound a little odd in indonesian?


It doesn't sound odd if you omit "arah" (direction).

"arah" is not strictly necessary in this sentence.
"arah" can be omitted, just like in the first part of the sentence.

It's fixed now, it should be accepted if you omit it.


Direction is arah but this was not mentioned is this sentence


I'm curious why it doesn't need / if we can't use 'di' or 'ke' in the first part of the sentence? We are facing towards north: Kita menghadap di/ke utara?


'menghadap di utara' sounds odd, it translated 'facing at the north'. But 'menghadap ke utara' or 'menghadap ke arah utara' sounds good. They litrally translated 'facing to/towards the north'.

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