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"The baby touched my hand."

Translation:El bebé tocó mi mano.

5 years ago



I just wanted to point out, if anyone is wondering, after learning that we use the definite article (el, la, los, las) with body parts, why we use the possessive here. I believe it is because, in this case, the hand does not go with the subject of the sentence and thus needs to specified.

4 years ago


You can do it that way, but "me tocó la mano" would be the more common way of expressing this.

4 years ago


I put, "Èl bebe tocò a mi mano" and it said i was incorrect.

1 year ago

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Well, you have three problems with accents. First, El (meaning the) does not get an accent. Él means he. Second, bebé does need an accent on the second e. And third, both of the accents you used were grave (è), but those do not occur in Spanish. The accents on bebé and tocó are both accute (é).

1 year ago